Since 1986 Chem Spec has been developing specialties for the field of construction and monumental restoration in its own applied research centre.

Furthermore it also distributes products from some of the most important multinational companies in the field of special chemical products. Some innovative products containing nanotechnologies developed by us, thanks to the high level of penetration of nanoparticles in the stone/concrete supports, guarantee the duration and efficiency of the treatment without changing the aspect of the treated surfaces. Know-how derives from thirty years experience as a distributor and the formulator of protective products for construction.

In the same way Chem Spec, with the Evonik raw materials for whom it distributes the Protectosil range, has developed specific products for the requirements of the Italian market.

It subsequently also became a Schill + Seilacher distributor for silicone products, for the field of polyurethane, textile, leather and plastics and BRB International for silane products, the functional promoters of adhesion.

Attention to logistic aspects is vital as it guarantees the correct stock level of products always available and agile distribution throughout Italy.

Chem Spec provides products to its customers, ranging from public and private organizations and private individuals who deal with renovation work, industries, manufacturers of paint and varnish, manufacturers of polyurethane, auxiliary textiles and leather, paint and varnish, companies searching for niche products for various kinds of applications, such as for example self-cleaning photocatalytic protective products with titanium, for the facades of buildings to neutralize the contaminating agents transforming them into inert materials.

SINCE 1986

Thirty years experience to provide turn-key products for our customers, ranging from public and private organisations dealing with renovation work, industries, large paint shops, companies searching for new products.


Chem Spec has been developing a whole range of chemical products for more than 30 years to satisfy the specific requirements of their customers, in particular in the field of construction, monumental renovation and protection of surfaces with a range of products for different categories of products.

Case Histories

Chem Spec’s esperience and professionalism applied on monuments of greater importance.