The products marketed by Chem Spec are innovative chemicals for:

  • Anticorrosion protection for reinforced concrete
  • Building solutions
  • Permanent antigraffiti
  • Monumental restoration and recovery
  • waterepellent for stone and concrete
  • Consolidant for natural stones
  • Protective for stoneware
  • Adhesion promoters
  • Stain proff for concrete and natural stone
  • Anticorrosive
  • Silicones for textile and tanning c
  • Silicones for foam and rigid polyurethanes and nano particles
  • Ethyl silicate
  • Acrylic resins

For more than twenty years Chem Spec has been developing special products for the field of construction and monuments in its research centre as well as distributing products to some of the most important multinationals in the field of chemical specialties. Some nano-technological products, thanks to the high level of penetration of nano-particles in the stone/concrete supports, guarantee the duration and efficiency of the treatment.

Chem Spec provides products to its customers, ranging from public and private organizations and private individuals who deal with renovation work, industries, manufacturers of paint and varnish, including niche products, for the most varied kinds of applications, such as for example, self-cleaning photo-catalytic protective products with titanium, for the facades of buildings to neutralize toxic contaminants. The applications of our products for the treatment of surfaces include, for example, those for the classing of electric cables, rainproof glass, anti-adhesives and fixatives, stain proof protective materials for natural stones, earthenware, products for stoneware and products for wood, anti-corrosives for metals.


Chem Spec is a distributor for the Protectosil range of products by Evonik Industries, hydro -repellents and protective products for construction materials and anti-graffiti.

Schill+Seilacher for the Struksilon range, silicone for industrial use for different fields including: textile, polyurethane, leather and plastics.

BRB International for the Silanil range, organo-functional silanes, promoters of adhesion.

Logistics & Warehouse

Attention to logistic aspects is very important as it guarantees rapid availability of the products and agile distribution throughout the country. The large warehouse is constantly restocked in order to supply and dispatch its products rapidly.