Acrylic Resins

Acrylic resin based emulsions modified in an aqueous emulsion designed specifically for the variation of concrete materials.

Microacril CV 40 »

An acrylic micro emulsion in water, suitable for non-powder treatment of plasterboard panels, natural stones, tuff, bricks. If the product is used in a concentrated form, it provides a wet effect to the cotto and to the stone materials, without creating superficial layers.

Chembond 006 »

An organo-modified acrylic resin, suitable as a bonding agent for the creation of concrete mortar with a high hardening speed, resistant to abrasion and to chemical products, diluted organic acids and solvents.

Chembond 1200 »

An acrylic resin in an aqueous emulsion suitable for the preparation of liquid waterproof bi-component liquid coating.

Chembond 1112 »

An acrylic styrene based aqueous emulsion suitable for the preparation of bi-component water repellent liquid coatings or for the modification of concrete mortar. The product does not develop ammonia and is suitable for contact with drinking water.

Chembond 1432 »

An aqueous emulsion of styrene acrylic silane resins for the creation of waterproof concrete mortar.