Chemical Barrier

A chemical against the capillary rising damp of absorbent mineral materials above ground, carried out with organic derivatives of silicon with a low molecular weight and with a high level of penetration, stable when in contact with alkaline materials and effective over time.

Barsylan 100 »

A 100% monomer alkyl alkoxy silane of hydro-soluble active ingredients designed specifically for hydrophobic rendering of mineral silicate based alkaline construction materials.

Barsylan A+B »

A bi-component monomer alkyl silane based concentrate diffused in water for the creation of chemical barriers against capillary rises in walls. Recommend for the treatment of facades of plaster, concrete and cotto.

VP 1785 »

A new silane organo-modified new generation water repellent, soluble in water with VOC emissions equivalent to 0, atoxic, inflammable with a high level of penetration, invisible and transpiring.

Cream C 40 »

A cream consisting of an aqueous dispersion of modified silane alkyls suitable for the preparation of low environmental impact chemical barriers, suitable for DIY.

HS 15 W »

Methyl siliconate soluble potassium, suitable for the treatment of absorbent mineral materials with a neutral pH level or in any case not exceeding pH8.

Protectosil® WS 808 »

A siliconated propyl based water repellent of stable potassium to UV’s and to alkaline pH, suitable for all kinds of neutral alkaline mineral materials and for gypsum.

BSO 166 »

A concentrated soluble water repellent in siloxane oligomer based organic solvents, with a low molecular weight and high penetration in masonry, it can be covered with plaster or painted, anti saline efflorescence.

BSR 80 Plus »

A ready-to-use water repellent suitable for the creation of chemical barriers in masonry containing a high saline concentration and nitrate salts.