Water repellent water based

Silanic and siloxane based water repellents developed by Chem Spec with Evonik raw materials, expressly formulated for the needs of the Italian market.

VP 91503 »

A water repellent in a concentrated aqueous solution, invisible, characterised by a high pearl effect and a high level of resistance to alkali for hydrophobic rendering of absorbent silicate mineral materials.

VP 3547 Plus »

A water repellent concentrated soluble in water, suitable for water repellent protection of natural stones. It guarantees a good level of protection to granite supports for oil and grease stains. The product is perfect to facilitate maintenance of porcelain.

VP 1805 »

Water repellent for general use, alkyl silane organo-modified based and with VOC of 0, soluble in water, characterised by a high level of penetration, stability to alkyls and the absence of chromatic changes, suitable for natural stones and cotto tiles.

PS 18 W »

A concentrated water repellent to be diluted in demineralised water, suitable for water repellent protection of all mineral materials for construction, in particular gypsum or terracotta, concrete objects and mineral plaster.

VP 91514 »

A silane water repellent in an aqueous emulsion without nonylfenols soluble in water in every ratio. A product suitable for rendering hydrophobic and salt-free treatment of cotto tiles, concrete and plaster.