Stainproof Protective Solvent Based For Natural Or Synthetic Stone

Water repellent and stain-proof for stone materials developed by Chem Spec, developed specifically for requirements of the Italian market.

AFS 950 »

A protective stain-proof product for cotto tiles and natural stones soluble in organic solvents, free of PFOA and PFOS.

The product is compatible with Protectosil 100 for application on concrete and compact alkaline materials and for the elimination of capillary rise problems with saline efflorescence.

SLM 29981 »

Water repellent fluorine alkyl siloxanes, a concentrate suitable for the stain-proof protection of marble and granite.

VP 3110 »

A water repellent concentrate, soluble in solvents, developed specifically for the industrial protection of grants in order to provide water repellent characteristics and totalisers to eliminate discoloration and to homogize the surface colour.