Monumental Renovation

Ethyl silicate based stabilisers and protectors, widely experimented on important national and international monuments.

RC 70 NF »

Ethyl silicate low molecular weight based stabiliser, mainly recommended for pre-strengthening and strengthening of natural stones, cotto, plaster and travertine. The product does not vary the appearance of the stones treated and does not modify transpiration to water vapour.

RC 80 NF »

A silicate ethyl based stabiliser modified with siloxane resins mainly recommended for natural lime and silicate stones, providing high water repellent characteristics.

RC 90 NF »

An ethyl silicate modified with phenyl poly-siloxanes mainly recommended for very absorbent natural stones of fossil origin (biocalcarenites).

Protective Water Repellent / Silirain 50 »

Protective, for general use, ready for use alkyl siloxane resin based in organic apolar solvents. It does not change the appearance of the materials treated, suitable for natural stones.

Microacril CV 40 »

Micro emulsion acrylic suitable for water based consolidant treatments of plaster, natural stones, tuff, very absorbent bricks, mineral plaster.

If the product is used in its concentrated form it may be used to modify the appearance (wet effect) of the cotto and of the stones without creating superficial layers.

Stone Hardner DN »

Consolidant for ethyl silicate alkyl based stones. It penetrates deep down and does not change the appearance of the materials treated, providing them with a high level of stabilisation without the formation of superficial crusts, suitable for sand stone travertine and Istria stone, Serena stone, Carrara marble, mineral plaster and terrecotte bricks.

VP 5035 »

Alkyl silane anhydrous with stone hardner based on water repellent properties able to create “elastic” consolidant with a high level of penetration, suitable for carbonatic marble and natural stones.

BSM 40 SKI »

A protective water repellent made from alkyl silane monomers with a high level of penetration, suitable for surfaces exposed to saline mist. The product does not cause any chromatic changes to the surfaces treated and is suitable for compact surfaces with a low level of absorption. Suitable for travertine, Istria stone, concrete products, concrete and cotto.