Protectosil Evonik

Protective agents for concrete and alkaline mineral materials, essentially based on alkyl alkoxy silane monomers with high penetration even in high density, solvent-free concrete, characterized by high durability over time.
The products, applied on absorbent silicate mineral structures such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick in bricks, penetrate in depth, thanks to the small molecular dimensions, eliminate the entry of water of the salts and chlorides contained in it, responsible for the deterioration of the concrete and steel reinforcements.

Protectosil® WA CIT »

A liquid water repellent anticorrosive additive for reinforced concrete.

Protectosil® Dry CIT »

Water repellent in orodispersible powder water, based on a mixture of silanes developed as inhibitors of corrosion for steel reinforced concrete. It allows for the application of mortar for concrete covers to prevent the corrosion of steel reinforced concrete and to stop corrosion in reinforced concrete structures already seriously ruined.

Protectosil® WS 405 »

An aqueous emulsion of alkyl silanes with a high level of penetration, for the protection of absorbent alkaline mineral materials without any chromatic variations on the materials treated and transpiration of vapour pressure.

Protectosil® WS 700 P »

Alkyl silane based “cream”, in an aqueous emulsion, with a high concentration for long-term protection of concrete, including high density concrete.

Protectosil® WS 800 P »

A “cream” diluted in an aqueous emulsion, developed with alkoxy alkyl silanes with a high concentration, suitable for the protection of concrete and for the creation of chemical barriers against capillary rise.

Protectosil® WS 610 »

An aqueous emulsion of siloxane oligomers for the protection of very absorbent mineral materials.

Protectosil® 100 »

Pure alkyl trimethoxy silane.

Protectosil® BHN »

Pure alkyl trietho silane for the protection of concrete materials.

Protectosil® CIT »

Alkyl silane modified for anticorrosion protection of reinforced concrete with corrosion inhibitors for steel reinforcements, allows for the recovery of seriously damaged structures without demolition and with low intervention costs.

Protectosil® Antigraffiti »

A permanent anti-graffiti made from fluorine alkyl silanes diluted in water, suitable for the protection of facades made from natural stone, synthetic or cotto tiles, unpainted cement plaster. The product does not normally change the appearance of the surfaces treated, it avoids the adhesion of spray paints, graffiti, ink, markers and simplifies cleaning with the use of water vapour pressure or ecological paint strippers. Protectosil Anti-graffiti is effective for 10-12 cleaning processes and is guaranteed outdoors on suitable supports for long periods as it is stable to UV rays.  The surfaces treated with Protectosil Anti-graffiti transpire to water vapour.