® registered brand Evonik

Protectosil® Antigraffiti »

A permanent anti-graffiti made from fluorine alkyl silanes diluted in water, suitable for the protection of facades made from natural stone, synthetic or cotto tiles, unpainted cement plaster. The product does not normally change the appearance of the surfaces treated, it avoids the adhesion of spray paints, graffiti, ink, markers and simplifies cleaning with the use of water vapour pressure or ecological paint strippers. Protectosil Anti-graffiti is effective for 10-12 cleaning processes and is guaranteed outdoors on suitable supports for long periods as it is stable to UV rays.  The surfaces treated with Protectosil Anti-graffiti transpire to water vapour.

Protectosil® Antigraffiti Sp »

A protective semi-permanent for porous mineral surfaces, allows for 4/5 cleaning processes before being reapplied.

Protectosil® Sc Concentrate »

A concentrated solution of fluorine alkyl silanes diluted in water, to protect horizontal or vertical surfaces in mineral materials and to provide anti-adhesive characteristics and also to speed up cleaning operations, very easy to clean. The product does not chance the appearance of the surfaces treated.

Protectosil® Proficlean Gel »

A water-based graffiti remover, eco-compatible and designed for the removal of graffiti. Suitable for the treatment of supports previously protected with Protectosil® Anti-graffiti.

Antigraffiti Ach 15 »

A one-shot anti-graffiti, non permanent, suitable for all mineral surfaces.