SOLVENT FREE with 100% of active ingredients

Protective products for concrete and mineral alkaline materials, essentially made from alkoxy alkyl silanes monomers with a high level of penetration also in concrete with a high level of density, solvent free, characterized by a high level of duration in time.

The products, applied on absorbent silicate mineral structures such as concrete, reinforced concrete, cotto tiles, penetrate in depth thanks to the small molecular dimensions, they eliminate the introduction of water of the salts and chlorine contained in them, responsible for deterioration of the concrete and of the reinforcements in steel.

The Protectosil range is divided up into three groups:

Protectosil® 100 »

Pure alkyl trimethoxy silane.

Protectosil® BHN »

Pure alkyl trietho silane for the protection of concrete materials.

Protectosil® CIT »

Alkyl silane modified for anticorrosion protection of reinforced concrete with corrosion inhibitors for steel reinforcements, allows for the recovery of seriously damaged structures without demolition and with low intervention costs.