Injection resins

Polyurethane resins »

Hydro-expansive polyurethane silicon resins injected into the underlay masonry in contact with water. They expand by 20 to 40 times, quickly creating a polymeric barrier against the water.

Suitable for sealing of walls against earth, tunnels, diaphragms and building structures.

Silicate Foam PU »

A bi-component modified polyurethane, characterised by a self-extinguishing power, a high level of stability to hydrolysis and speed of reaction. Absence of toxic gases in the case of combustion.

Methacrylic resins »

Bi-component methacrylic resins with a low level of viscosity in an aqueous solution, injected into the underlay masonry, create an elastic polymeric chemical barrier (gel) capable of stopping water leaks and small and medium sized holes in the under-land, tunnels, construction structures, dams etc.

Chemstop J 400 »

A bi-component methacrylic resin soluble in water with a high level of expansion and excellent adhesion to all types of supports.