Hydro-expansive joints for concrete

Waterstop Hydro-expansive »

Hydro-expansive profiles to seal recoveries of concrete.

Waterstop Bentonite »

CS 4002 natural sodium-based bentonite with a high level of expansion.

Waterstop Polymers »

Hydro-expansive joints with a polymer base of different sections.

Ring Stop »

Hydro-expansive gaskets for spacing of panels and formwork. Hydro-expansive elastic rings that, inserted before the concrete on the blade or tubular spacers, block the passage of water.

Safety Valve »

A hydro-expansive device for hermetic sealing of the tubular spacers for panels, consisting of a small partially hydro-expansive cylinder that, once inserted and after frame-working, at the end of the tubular spacer plunged in the concrete under the aqueous layer, it will guarantee total water sealing.

Chemflex CS NF »

A hydro-expansive sealant in cartridges, suitable for the sealing of cracks and water leaks from concrete-iron and concrete-plastic joints and in the case of tube and conduit passages. Adhesion to hydro-expansive water stops on rough concrete supports.