Silanes Silanil BRB

Silanil an organo-functional product for adhesion promoters for organic resins on mineral supports such as silicates, glass, ceramic, quartz, oxidisable metals, cellulose or as a water scavenger for sealants and resin hardeners.
Ethyl silicates as bonding agents for anticorrosive systems, for foundries in the shell-moulding, as a cross-linking agent, for catalysts for silicone RTV-2 rubber and for sol-gel systems.

The most common produces used are:

Silanil 919            aminopropyltriethoxy silane
Silanil 258            Glycidyl trimethoxy silane 2 ossipropil
Silanil 260            3 glycidyl propil triethoxy silane
Silanil 250            3 methacryloxypropiltriethoxy silane
Silanil 442            mercapto propil triethoxy silane
Silanil 176            N (2 amino ethyl) amino propil triethoxy silane
Silanil 276            vinyl triethoxy silane
Silanil 581            amino silane hydrolysate in aqueous solution
Silanil 106            vinyl tris (2 methoxy etolisilane)
Silanil 780            vinyl triethoxy silane

Silicates »

Silanil Si 28         tetra ethyl orto silicate Teos
Silanil Si 40         ethyl polysilicate