Siliconi Schill+Seilacher

Chem Spec distributes a wide range of silicones manufactured by Schill+Seilacher for various industrial sectors.

Silicon Oils and Silicon Wax »

For the industrial and cosmetic fields.

Hydrogenated Silicon Oils »

A cross-linking agent for silicone polymers, water repellents for gypsum.

Rubber »

Permanent and semi-permanent releasing agents for plastics and rubber profiles.

Polyurethanes »

Polyurethane based foam stabilisers for rigid, flexible and micro-cellular polyurethane.

Catalysts of tin salts and catalysts of trimerisation for rigid systems.

Textile and Leather Field »

  • Concentrated foam-proof silicon and in aqueous emulsion
  • Emulsion of silicon oils at several levels of viscosity
  • Emulsion of amino functional oils modified to the touch
  • Reactive and non reactive amino functional oils at several levels of viscosity
  • Functional water repellent oils and epoxy emulsions, modifiers to touch and water repellent
  • Permanent softeners for cotton, wool and synthetic fibres
  • Amino functional based finishers for the leather sector
  • Water repellent finishers for the leather and textile sectors
  • New water repellents for the textile sector